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Sri Murugan Industries

Sri Murugan Industries was founded by Mr. Balamurugan in the year 2001 in Chennai, which dedicatedly shoulders the responsibility to do what is now known as “Sree Murugan industries‘-world No. 1 in manufacturing. The organization has facilities and production expertise to produce a wide range of products such as Stacker, Reclaimer, classifiers, Mill Stand, pressure vessels, structural, bucket elevators, conveyor pan, cyclones, separators, Airslide, conveyor galleries, lime mud filters, rotary locking, industrial fans, Turbine, equipment pollution control such as bag filters, etc.

Originally, only a modest five employees, has now become a popular “No. 1 producer in the world,” for outstanding and innovative leadership, careful planning and focused hard work and dedication to all the people associated with industry sectors.

With the strength of a team of qualified engineers, trained and experienced in industry, we have established ourselves as market leaders in this sector. Our growth is evident by the rapid mammoth. Mixtures new manufacturing technology age with world-class infrastructure, our company is constantly please the ever-growing need in the industry. With sincere efforts and continuing our team of experts, we have a large clientele across the country.

Now a day we do paints and HDG for a customer requirement . We could do “ANYTHING IN THE STEEL

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  2. October 20, 2011 at 12:17 pm

    No-1 Manufacturing Company in chennai

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