Planning, development and decision making are prerequisite processes for implementing a world-class infrastructure. With standards well developed and enforced, we at the believe in effectively using technology to create a state-of-the-art infrastructure.

Details                                                                                 Area
Office                                                                                       1,200 sq f
Fabrication shop                                                             10,000 sq f
Sand Blasting, painting shop & open area             28,000 sq f
TOTAL AREA                                                                    39,200 sq.f

Machinery details:
ARC Welding machine 400amps                            –          16 No’s
MIG welding machines ESAB-400amps              –          5 No’s
ESAB-250amps                                                              –           2 No’s
Gas Cutting Sets Hand Cutting machines             –          20 No’s
PUG Cutting machines                                                –          4 No’s
Magnetic Drilling Machines                                      –          5 No’s
1 inch drilling machines                                             –          6 No’s
Radial drilling machine                                              –          1 No’s
8mm Rolling machine                                                 –          1 No’s
Flat Rolling machine                                                   –          1 No’s

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